Friday, 13 November 2015

Editing Overview


This post illustrates some of the editing I have been doing.

Using Premiere Elements at school, this is the interface I have been working with.

This screenshot illustrates the timeline and project video box on the right hand side. It is a lot more comprehensive than other software I have tried at home.

The two preview screens are very useful, they have much better playback than other software. This means cutting on action and sound is much more precise.

One problem with using Elements has been the render time. This has not affected my project in any way, it has just made the time spent editing slightly longer.

Adding a black and white filter on all clips increased the render time even more but it has produced a very impressive looking sequence. The lighting now looks very nice and quite similar to Kassovitz's works. This lighting is also iconic of Film Noir so I am very proud of how it has turned out.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Influences 3 - Music Videos


My final research source has been through watching, analysing and drawing inspiration from various music videos.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

An Update on Editing Progress


This post includes information on updates to the film's editing process.

Since the last update on my project's development, a few decisions and challenges have been addressed.

Firstly, all footage has been reviewed and I have sorted shots into different categories that will make editing more efficient; I will now know where to look for files.

Secondly, I had considered possibilities of where to edit my film. I had thought about the opportunity to edit the sequence at school on computers with the more powerful software of Adobe Premiere Elements installed on them, but this would not allow as much time dedicated to completing the film as I would get at home on my laptop. Secondly, saving video files on D-drives at school would interfere with other students' media coursework. Thus, I will continue to work on the short film at home on Windows Live Movie Maker.

Lastly, I have pondered over whether or not I should/could include more of a music video element to my short film. This would involve dubbing much of the ambient sound in places with a song I chose. While this may make the film progress better, I have not filmed with that in mind so it may not exhibit all my potential strengths at filming music videos. I have decided to continue editing the short film as primarily a sequence of continuous events rather than a music video, but have allowed myself enough time to produce a separate file in which I may put together a music video.

Friday, 30 October 2015

A List of Proposed Project Deadlines


This post highlights some of the deadlines I will meet.

These deadlines have been set personally by myself. I have been provided with a document listing deadlines in general - for all students. These deadlines are rather broad and I believe that setting myself some more concise, challenging deadlines will not only benefit my project's progression, but also improve my grade in the management criteria.

Whilst I realise this post may emphasise some of the features of my gantt chart, I believe it is helpful regardless of this.

Finalise all research into externally influential sources - 01/11/15

Complete the editing process of my film - 11/11/15

Publish final piece after receiving approval from tutor or subject specialist - 13/11/15

Collate and present information from peers' feedback - 20/11/15

Complete project review - 22/11/15

Complete artefact essay/comentary - 09/12/15

Submit project - 14/12/15

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Gantt Chart (2)


This post concludes on my progress over the summer, illustrated by my gantt chart, which I have consistently updated.

As this updated screenshot of my gantt chart shows, I have completed the filming of my short. It took me a little less time than expected. The schedule for filming was a lot stricter than anticipated however, with my location for filming shutting the day after the final shoot.
My gantt chart illustrates that I have completed filming in a relatively short amount of time; in comparison to the time I have given myself for editing at least. I have already begun editing a little bit of the film, but I can only make significant progress now at school, as the software there is far superior to what I have access to at home.