Friday, 21 August 2015

Short Film Animatic


This video is an animatic of my final piece; a sequence of stills from my storyboard that aids me in visualising what the final cut should look like. It is edited so that cuts should last the amount of time I have illustrated on each box, with extra-diegetic soundtracks included.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Treatment Planning 3 - Storyboard


This post reflects upon my initial storyboard that I created during the last week of term, and how it has influenced my filming shoots. I also explain how the project has developed during the long break in post updates.

A long time has passed since my last update on my Extended Project Qualification. This has been down to a lot of time spent working, filming whenever possible, planning shoots and being without access to internet on holiday. However, in the final week and a half before school starts again, I have the opportunity to catch-up with the blog, as well as commencing editing.

Before anything else, I felt it would be essential to upload a number of images concerning my storyboard.