Friday, 30 October 2015

A List of Proposed Project Deadlines


This post highlights some of the deadlines I will meet.

These deadlines have been set personally by myself. I have been provided with a document listing deadlines in general - for all students. These deadlines are rather broad and I believe that setting myself some more concise, challenging deadlines will not only benefit my project's progression, but also improve my grade in the management criteria.

Whilst I realise this post may emphasise some of the features of my gantt chart, I believe it is helpful regardless of this.

Finalise all research into externally influential sources - 01/11/15

Complete the editing process of my film - 11/11/15

Publish final piece after receiving approval from tutor or subject specialist - 13/11/15

Collate and present information from peers' feedback - 20/11/15

Complete project review - 22/11/15

Complete artefact essay/comentary - 09/12/15

Submit project - 14/12/15

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