Thursday, 2 July 2015

Initial Planning and Proposal A


This post is designed to conclude upon what I hope to take out of the initial planning review session I have scheduled with my project supervisor in a week's time.

At the very least, I would definitely hope to have confirmed my project's title by the end of Thursday.

I would also like to have reviewed my research that has taken place since my trip to Sussex University's library.

I have begun the development of a gantt chart in the past few days. This spreadsheet is designed to record when I have planned to carry out a task and then when I have actually completed this. It will greatly help me in staying organised but will also aid me in visualising what must be done to reach a deadline. I would like to review this chart in the session in order to evaluate whether or not my time schedule is appropriate/achievable.

Finally, I hope to set-up a critical analysis chart. This will enable me to make use of secondary research sources with greater contextual knowledge. As every source I have used so far is recorded in my bibliography, it would be necessary to make an analysis chart to assess the credibility and importance of each, too.

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