Monday, 13 July 2015

Treatment Planning 1 - First Plot Ideas


This post is the first in a series of short updates this week regarding the content of my film. There will be one post each for plot ideas, shots, storyboarding and casting/call sheets/schedule of sessions.

As my research into Film Noir, Mathieu Kassovitz, 'La Haine', 'Fierrot Le Pou' and different short films has come to an end, the last task I must carry out before setting out to film my piece over the summer is to actually develop a treatment.
After all of this, I have narrowed it down to two ideas for my film:

1) A comedy short of two individuals with contrasting talents at musical instruments.

2) A comedy short portraying a nervous, entertaining character attempting to talk to another.

These rough treatment ideas are most likely going to be subject to change over the coming week, but this is what I have thought up so far.

Next, I will discuss the cinematography I hope to incorporate into my film.

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