Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Initial Planning Stage and Inception of the Blog


This entry, written three days after the Extended Project Qualification set-up day, introduces the blog for this short film and details the basic concepts and ideas I have explored thus far.

Firstly, before any other developments in my project, I concluded that I would approach the qualification through the construction of an artefact accompanied by a 1000 word essay. This is because making films has been a passion of mine for a long time, as I find great pleasure in creative thinking and film production. Making a short film (3-5 minutes in duration) would allow for me to illustrate my skill and enthusiasm in film production.

Plot concepts I have contemplated include a music video, a documentary or a gangster/crime dramatic short. Upon reflection of the practicality and where my confidence lies on each option, the latter appealed most to me. Through making a short film, I hope to illustrate my knowledge of the film industry - through research into the genre and directors' influences - as well as my skill in film production - through the use of a range of camerawork and editing.

Why include a blog page for this project? Through recording developments in planning and production on a blogger page (similar to the process of coursework in the Media Studies AS Foundation Portfolio which I achieved an A for), I will hopefully be able to provide evidence for every advance in this project. Regular blog posts recording my concept developments, production stages and editing processes will hopefully allow for me to demonstrate a good understanding of the requirements of the manage section of the EPQ marking scheme.

More to follow on my development of 'That Short Film'.

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