Friday, 12 June 2015

Title Ideas


This post provides examples of different title concepts I have considered.

After reading the EPQ handout published by Manchester University, I have become more clear on what the project title should consist of. I have especially learnt about what vocabulary should be used in the title of my artefact project.
My ideas thus far include:

‘Demonstrate the successful production of a short dramatic film sequence’

‘Demonstrate an understanding of the successful production of a low-budget short film’

‘Illustrate the importance of filming techniques in constructing a professional short film'

‘Illustrate the successful production of a short film in the style of Kassovitz'

I am setting myself the task of completing my title after the workshop morning next Monday periods one and two. As well as this, I am hoping to make an initial document on research into the gangster/crime genre and Film Noir.

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