Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Plan for Sussex University Trip


This entry acts as a plan of things I hope to take away from the Sussex University library school trip.

The trip is designed to allow me to find useful resources in the library there - excerpts, key ideas and inspiration from books - to aid my research section of the project. I am only going to find books to extract information from, as websites are available to me anywhere and using the small amount of time there must be effective. That is to say that I must utilise the resources specifically found there.

My two ultimate goals will be to gather information on:

1) Film production techniques

2) Film genre contextual knowledge

Upon searching through the university's extensive library database online, I have found five books that I hope to locate and study whilst there on the day:

'The Film Handbook' - Library Main PN 1995.9.P7 DEV
This could definitely be very useful for my research into how to improve my filming techniques.

'Producing And Directing The Short Film And Video' - Library Main PN 1995.9.P7 REA
'The Short Screenplay: Your Short Film From Concept To Production' - Library Core Collection PN 1996 GUR
Both of the above books are similar to the first but they will aid me in understanding what it takes to produce a high quality short film specifically.

'The Dark Side Of The Screen: Film Noir' - Library Short PN 1995.9.G3 Hir
This book will serve the purpose of introducing me to and develop my understanding of the film noir style.

'Screening Strangers: Migration And Diaspora In Contemporary European Cinema' - Library Main PN 1993.5.E8 LOS
This book contains information on the French film 'La Haine'. I saw this film in a recent French lesson and immediately observed aspects of the way it was filmed that could help this project. The book ocuses on other films too which will allow me to broaden my horizons. I will also hopefully find inspiration in other films included and complete studies on more productions for my research section of the project.

I will later post an entry recording my findings from the day, which will hopefully bring me very close to producing a treatment of the plot. Research into directors and the genre will continue.

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