Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sussex University Trip Review

The university's library is due to be expanded and a new building constructed on campus.
This post reflects on what I achieved yesterday at Sussex University's library and whether or not I felt the trip was useful and worthwhile.

The recent lack of posts has merely been down to the fact that there have been no considerable developments in the film's concepts, up until returning from the university trip that took place yesterday.

Upon arriving at the library, myself and the group of students doing EPQ received a brief tour and talk about searching for books efficiently, where books would be located and categorised in the library of over 600,000 books, and finally how to study from prints effectively.
After this, I proceeded to gather a few books which would aid me in my research and planning. As shown in the previous post, I had created a list of five books and their locations in the building that I believe would help my project reach the next level. Unfortunately, I was not able to actually locate all of these books, as one had been taken out for use by another student already. However, I overcame this obstacle by finding another book to use that was very similar to my original. I found researching in the study area where quiet discussion was permitted to be enjoyable and effective.
Overall, I feel that the trip was definitely valuable in expanding my knowledge of what a university library is like and how to use it. In relation to helping my project, I would also say that it helped me understand filming techniques and practices as well as greatly influencing my concepts into the plot of my short. I did not achieve as much as I'd hoped to in researching film noir and La Haine, but the day was successful overall.

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